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`Real Name:  Aino Minako
`Meaning?:  Beautiful Child Of Love
`Birthday:  October 22
`Sign:  Libra
`Blood Type: B
`Fav Color: Yellow and red
`Hobby:  Chasing after idols, goofing off
`Fav Food:  curry
`Least Fav Food: shiitake mushrooms (ick)
`Fav Subject: Physical Education (PE)
`Least Fav:  Math and English
`Has Trouble With:  Mama and the Police, confidence
`Strong Points: Playing, goofing off, volleyball
`Dream:  To be an Idol
`Gemstone:  Topaz

`Okay, you've heard all that before, so what's it mean?
`Beautiful Child of Love- Most sites agree that the Japenese version of her name means at least child of love, and a lot more expand on this and say beautiful child of love. I like the latter,and it appears to fit.
`Blood Type- In Japan your blood type means a lot to your personality, much like your star sign does. Characteristics: Independant, unpredictable, lazy, impatient, passionate, persuasive, and ovebearing. Hrmmm... Sound like Minako to you? ^^;
`Fav Colors- Lets see, Minako normally wears a lot of yellow (only she could get away with this) and that red ribbon is red because Higashi told her in the Sailor V manga that she'd look nice with a big red ribbon in her long hair.
`Chasing after Idols- Think about it. She wants to be famous, she adores the Three Lights (okay, so they all do), and basically wants to be famous when she's older...typical girl here.
`Fav and Least Fav subjects- Think about it, Minako is a very take charge, get out and move kind of gal. Plus, she adores V-ball. Math and English require WAY too much attention for her currently
`Mama and the Police? Lets see... according to my reading, back when Venus was Sailor V in England, she quite often upstaged the police, and if you thought Usagi was lazy, you haven't seen anything. Minako tried to use her gadgets to do her school work.
`Dream While the rest of us see her as an idol already, Minako would rather be the singing teen mega-sensation sort of idol. Minako has come thisclose to fulfilling her dream on numerous occasions, so it's not so far fetched. Yay!

::H o m e::